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Thinking of going to Disney on Ice?

June 30, 2015 |

Saw and advert for Disney on Ice show near our city and thinking of taking the kids to see it this winter. If you have never been before, I thought I would give you a short description

Disney on ice show produced an directed by Felt entertainment is a series of shows featuring skaters mainly produced for children.The show is a leading brand presenting family entertainment through live touring in over 75 countries.The skaters in the show dress as cartoon characters giving you and your family indelible and unforgettable experience.The plot, theme and music in Disney on ice show are centered around one of the Disney films.

One of the most common show which sold tickets over 30 million is magical ice festival produced in 2012.The festival featured a series of stories popular among them being Cinderella.This captivating Cinderella show featured royal sisters named Elsa and Anna, snowman Olaf the most hilarious character, Kris-toff who featured as rugged mountain man and Sven who was always loyal.

The show begins with the prince clad in popular Disney custom hunting a deer. Like other characters, the prince is featured as an expert ice skater .The duke discovers Cinderella and makes an order to have her be brought to the castle.The prince was totally surprised on discovering that Cinderella was not the princess she was made to belief she was. However, like any other fairy tale, his strong feelings for her made him less bothered by the discovery. He goes to embrace her amidst curious onlookers as her godmother appears and restores Cinderella’s gown. Meanwhile,the royal sisters are in hot pursuit of Cinderella making the story full of adventure, action,twists, mischief and unforgettable characters. To find out more see,

Music is a huge component of Disney on ice show. In the Cinderella story, the sound tract was the popular Cinderella hit which moves the crowd and makes them sing along. The choice of music was made basing on the fact that the show is a family event and that children make up a huge component of the audience.The location of the show is another factor which makes the ice shows popular. In the many cities where the show is performed,the location is a strategic place.

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