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The big storm and flood

April 30, 2015 |

We had a bog snow storm a month or so, one of the worst I have seen in quite a while. Roads were blocked, schools closed and we were basically stuck in the house for several days. Just as well we were stocked up on food.

Snow storm


When the storm was over, the snow began to melt, but just a bit too quickly as the drains outside our house couldn’t cope with the amount of water. The water lever near our front door started to rise and then the water came in under the door. We got flooded. Water started coming into the house and ruined our carpets in our front hallway. There were also water marks along the wall a couple of inches up. I know its not a lot, but even that small amount of water did quite a lot of damage. We had to call out a company to come a drain the water away, – flood cleanup did a great job. thankfully we got our house sorted out and you wouldn’t know today that there had been a flood at all. Hope that is the end of winter now and looking forward to summer.

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