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electronic vs mechanical lock

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Take some time to consider your lifestyle and security needs to find the perfect fit for you. Here are a few pros and cons of and to help you choose the most stylish and secure deadbolt for your home.

We now have , biometric and . I have tackled the question of biometric in a different post, here we will look at a comparison between and , stating the , their pros and cons, and a few tips on using each type of .

. . • Information: maintain access to privileged information, which can be leveraged for corporate espionage, state-sponsored intelligence gathering, or other forms of physical or emotional harassment.

I know that some can automatically after you shut the door, but this one you had to hit the button to , or it stayed unlocked.

(Keypad) . Manual (Rotary) . Smart gun owners know they need a good, solid gun safe. But when choosing a gun safe, what kind of should you select — or ?

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