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    Thinking of going to Disney on Ice?

    Saw and advert for Disney on Ice show near our city and thinking of taking the kids to see it this winter. If you have never been before, I thought I would give you a short description

    Disney on ice show produced an directed by Felt entertainment is a series of shows featuring skaters mainly produced for children.The show is a leading brand presenting family entertainment through live touring in over 75 countries.The skaters in the show dress as cartoon characters giving you and your family indelible and unforgettable experience.The plot, theme and music in Disney on ice show are centered around one of the Disney films.

    One of the most common show which sold tickets over 30 million is magical ice festival produced in 2012.The festival featured a series of stories popular among them being Cinderella.This captivating Cinderella show featured royal sisters named Elsa and Anna, snowman Olaf the most hilarious character, Kris-toff who featured as rugged mountain man and Sven who was always loyal.

    The show begins with the prince clad in popular Disney custom hunting a deer. Like other characters, the prince is featured as an expert ice skater .The duke discovers Cinderella and makes an order to have her be brought to the castle.The prince was totally surprised on discovering that Cinderella was not the princess she was made to belief she was. However, like any other fairy tale, his strong feelings for her made him less bothered by the discovery. He goes to embrace her amidst curious onlookers as her godmother appears and restores Cinderella’s gown. Meanwhile,the royal sisters are in hot pursuit of Cinderella making the story full of adventure, action,twists, mischief and unforgettable characters. To find out more see,

    Music is a huge component of Disney on ice show. In the Cinderella story, the sound tract was the popular Cinderella hit which moves the crowd and makes them sing along. The choice of music was made basing on the fact that the show is a family event and that children make up a huge component of the audience.The location of the show is another factor which makes the ice shows popular. In the many cities where the show is performed,the location is a strategic place.

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    A beginners guide to coffee grinders

    I’m a big coffee fan, but only recently started to grind my own coffee beans. Previously, I had always bought ground coffee in a bag. If you like coffee, you might find this interesting. Also check out for more about coffee grinders.

    If you want a great cup of coffee then you need to have a good coffee grinder because it is a well-known fact that a great cup of coffee starts with a great grinder machine! There are different types of coffee grinders available in the market, these are explained as under:

    Blade Grinder – This is probably the most inexpensive machine for grinding coffee, which is why it is widely purchased and used by the masses. These are basically blending machines that slice, tear and smash the beans to turn them into particles that are inconsistent in size. Since the blade spins at a high speed, it is recommended to not use this type of machine for more than twenty seconds else you’ll end up burning the ground coffee. If you are grinding a small amount of coffee then you should shake the grinder whilst doing it to improve its performance and to produce a finer grind.

    Burr Grinder – This one is not as cost effective as the blade grinder but it is nevertheless a great coffee grinder. Powered by an electronic motor, this one may be old-fashioned and it may take a bit more time to grind the coffee, but it ensures that the coffee is not burnt, which is a huge benefit. One can adjust the end result and have coarse coffee particles or a very fine powder.

    Disc and Conical Grinder – A disc and conical grinder is one of the best coffee grinders because it offers the most precise grinding. These operate with the help of discs or cones that have grooves or serrations on them. The sharp serrated or grooved edges of these discs cut the coffee beans and produce consistent grind. This type of coffee grinder is very expensive and is used mostly for grinding high end coffee.

    May 26, 2015 | | Uncategorized

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    The big storm and flood

    We had a bog snow storm a month or so, one of the worst I have seen in quite a while. Roads were blocked, schools closed and we were basically stuck in the house for several days. Just as well we were stocked up on food.

    Snow storm


    When the storm was over, the snow began to melt, but just a bit too quickly as the drains outside our house couldn’t cope with the amount of water. The water lever near our front door started to rise and then the water came in under the door. We got flooded. Water started coming into the house and ruined our carpets in our front hallway. There were also water marks along the wall a couple of inches up. I know its not a lot, but even that small amount of water did quite a lot of damage. We had to call out a company to come a drain the water away, – flood cleanup did a great job. thankfully we got our house sorted out and you wouldn’t know today that there had been a flood at all. Hope that is the end of winter now and looking forward to summer.

    April 30, 2015 | | Uncategorized

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    Can’t believe we have mice

    Don’t know if you have ever had problems with bugs or had to get rid of pests in your home before? Well this week I discovered that we have a family of furry friends in our house at the moment. I was up at night and went downstairs to get a drink of water and while in the kitchen, I noticed a little mouse scurrying across the floor. I decided to put some mouse traps out over a number of nights. But each night I put them out, I discovered mice caught in the traps every morning, which means that we had a whole family living somewhere. So I thought maybe it would be better to find out where they were coming from, so I discovered that there was a gap under the kitchen sink where the cold water pipe goes down. It looked like the kind of place a mouse could climb up, so I filled in the gap with some decorative filler. Lo and behold, our furry little friends, haven’t returned.

    how to get rid of mice


    Another helpful article on this same problem –

    Also, Do pests hate peppermint essential oil? was helpful too.

    April 4, 2015 | | Uncategorized

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    Buying a new guitar

    Looking for a new electric guitar at the moment. The one I play, I bought over 20 years ago, which is fine. However I thought it was about time I looked for a better quality instrument. I have always liked Ibanez guitars and PRS guitars, but I’m keeping an open mind. It’s no use just looking at pictures of guitars on websites or watching youtube videos, you really have to pick up a guitar to tell if its going to be nay good. Again what one person thinks is great, might not be to another person’s tastes. Been looking for guitar stores in my area and came across this website, which I thought was quite useful. It is a national directory of Guitar Stores by state and city. Really helpful for trying find out where the nearest stores are. Anyway, hope I find what I am looking for.

    March 30, 2015 | | Uncategorized

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    Bought a Ukulele

    One of my weaknesses is buying new musical instruments. Every time I see something unusual or an instrument I haven’t played before, I’m up for a challenge. Saw this ukulele in a music shop window and thought it was about time I gave it a try. After all everyone seems to be playing ukulele these days.

    Even though I play many other stringed instruments, it does take a bit of getting used to as the finger board is smaller and narrower than a regular guitar. I can see why it might be a good instrument for kids to learn on.

    Anyway, did a bit of searching around on the internet for online lessons and came across this ukulele lesson and tab site, – ukulele tab . Chris Day, who runs the site is a qualified music teacher and seems to have put a pretty goof resource together, with song tab, midi backing tracks and video lessons. If you are looking some help learning the ukulele, I highly recommend it.

    March 30, 2015 | | Uncategorized

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    Phantom of the opera

    Phantom of the opera – one of the great shows that has stood the test of time, seen by thousands around the world and made millions in ticket sales. Even to this day it continues to sell out in theatres across the world. For Phantom of the Opera tickets Portland follow link

    Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of numerous Broadway hits over the years, such as ‘Cats’, ‘Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat’, Evita, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and many more written along with Tim Rice.

    March 2, 2015 | | Uncategorized

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    Joe Bonamassa tour

    Excited about Joe Bonamassa doing a US tour this year. Got to be one the best blues guitarists around today. His tour this year will be promoting his new album ‘Different shades of blue’, which if you haven’t heard it yet is a really excellent album. Follow link to find out more about Portland Concert Tickets

    buy Joe Bonamassa concert tickets Portland

    Joe Bonamassa


    As a guitarist I have always been struck by Joe Bonamassa’s tone and vibrato. His style has features of some of the great blues players of the past, like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Wondering what he will play on the tour – latest album is great, so I am sure he will play quite a lot from that album. Find out about tickets – see Joe Bonamassa Hult Center

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    Metallica – Master of Puppets

    One of the best gigs of all time Metallica, Seattle 1989! Were you there?

    February 27, 2015 | | Uncategorized

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