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Can’t believe we have mice

April 4, 2015 |

Don’t know if you have ever had problems with bugs or had to get rid of pests in your home before? Well this week I discovered that we have a family of furry friends in our house at the moment. I was up at night and went downstairs to get a drink of water and while in the kitchen, I noticed a little mouse scurrying across the floor. I decided to put some mouse traps out over a number of nights. But each night I put them out, I discovered mice caught in the traps every morning, which means that we had a whole family living somewhere. So I thought maybe it would be better to find out where they were coming from, so I discovered that there was a gap under the kitchen sink where the cold water pipe goes down. It looked like the kind of place a mouse could climb up, so I filled in the gap with some decorative filler. Lo and behold, our furry little friends, haven’t returned.

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