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best car gun safe

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In some states, it’s mandatory to get a for your or truck. (Cough…California.) So today I’ll be reviewing 5 . I’ll explain which work to store under your seat, in the center console and other places inside your vehicle.

The will have that compact design, but will be especially slim to give you options in where to place it. Too many so called leave you with only the option to mount it in your trunk and requiring you to drill holes in place to mount it securely.

You will come across offering different features as as come in different sizes. Depending on the vehicle in question and other factors to put into consideration, you will be able to point out the to meet your key objectives.

Curious about for your home or other security must haves? Check out our recommendations for or Dash Cams for more information.

Best safes for carrying small guns in your car

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